The Huguenot Society

of the

Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia

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Historical and Genealogical Article in The Huguenot Magazine [Author] Publication No.[reprint]

Aydelott--Huguenot Family [Dickerson]36
Agee--Genealogy and Court Records5, 7 [rep.30], 6 [rep. 29]
Agee Chateau, The [Margelidon]42
Agee Coat of Arms7 [rep. 30]
Agee Family Notes [Garrett]22
Agee, Mathieu20
Agrippa D'Aubigne--Poet and Soldier [Greene]10 [rep. 38]
Allen, John--Will14
Alphabetical List of Huguenots Naturalized 1705 by Given Names25
America's First First Lady--Martha Dandridge Custis Washington [Lowery]33
Amis 4
Amis--Genealogy and Records7 [rep. 30], 5
Amis Service Records4
Amis Stone House, The [Mellon]4
Amis, Haynes--Will6 [rep. 29]
Amis, Thomas--Will of Hawkins Co., Tennessee4
Amiss--Genealogy, Wills and Court Records6 [rep. 29]
Amiss of Amissville, Virginia7 [rep. 30]
Ammonet "Camphor or Smelling Salts" Bottle19
Amonet [Seargeant]; Jacob Amonet [Ellinger]11; 40
Amonettes in Alabama, Tennessee and Texas [Bowen]20
Amonte, Adrew--Will6 [rep. 29]
Ancestor Hunting as a Hobby, a Sport, a Disease [Martin]7 [rep. 30]
Ancient Protestant Families of Touraine 16th, 17th and 18th centuries [Ardouin]36
Anglicizing of Manakin, The--1987 Scholarship Essay[Worthington]32
Apperson, Alfred, Family [Apperson]46
Ashurst Baker Family History, Some [Johnson]13
Baker Family History, Some [Johnson]11
Ballinger, Will of Joseph13
Banishment of Prosperity, The--1990 Scholarship Award [Blanton]34
Barbie (Barbee or Barbier)3
Bayse, Last Will and Testament of Edmond42
Bayse, Last Will and Testament of Isaac42
Battle of Ivry 25
Battle--Faucette 27
Beaufort, Beauford, Buford13
Bernard-Gaines-Pryor 13
Bertrand, Rev. John (Jean)24 [rep. 37]
Bethel Baptist Church [Hudson]46
Beverley, George and the Huguenots [Woodlief]46
Bibee 13
Bilbo [Anderson]11
Billiebo (Bilbo)--Genealogy and Court Records5
Billiou, Pierre16
Boisseu [Porter]11
Boisseau 13
Bondurant--Genealogy, Wills and Court Records6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant Family Association, The [Lozo]37
Bondurant Family Lines21
Bondurant Family Notes [Elliott]20
Bondurant, Benjamin & David--Land Grants to6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, Benjamin Cemetery Revisited, The [Holland], Grave Marking 30
Bondurant, Benjamin: Digging into the Past [Holland]41
Bondurant, Darby--Land Grant to6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, David--Land Grant to6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, D. C. Collection Microfilmed [Dennis]32
Bondurant, Elizabeth--Land Patent to6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, Jean Pierre [D. Bondurant]30
Bondurant John--Land Patent, Grant36
Bondurant, Jean Pierre--Huguenot Immigrant Manakintowne, VA, 1995 Scholarship Essay [Waggoner]6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, John Peter--Land Patent, Grant, Will6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, Joseph--Land Patent6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant, Joseph--Will at Lexington, KY [Ritter]23
Bondurant, Peter to Anthony Agee--Albemarle Co, VA Deed15
Bondurant, Thomas--Land Grant 6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant--Wills and Deeds13
Bondurant, Richard--Land Grant6 [rep. 29]
Bondurant Lineage of Mary Thomas Burton Dennis41
Branch, Daniel, Jr--Will Abstract6 [rep. 29]
Branch, Daniel, Sr.--Will Abstract6 [rep. 29]
Branch-Guerrant 13
Bransford, John--Will6 [rep. 29]
Brashear, Benjamin22
Brecou, Brickon, Bricourt, Bricount, Brickcount, Burcount, Brecount [Dickerson]37
Brian--Genealogy 2
Brief History of Manakin Church, A33
Brock's 'Huguenot Immigrants to Virginia Other Than Manakin Settlers'42
Bryan, John Neely, First Settler of Dallas, Texas [Stewart]47
Bryant (Briand)--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Bryant, James, Jr.--Will6 [rep. 29]
Bryant, James, Sr.--Will6 [rep. 29]
Buckingham Baptist Church [Thomson] 46
Building the Huguenot Library [Gardiner]28
Buirit, Peter to James Ffoard--Albemarle Co, Va Deed15
Bullet, Rulleau, Rowlett13
Burial of Latane8
Cabaniss 3, 4, 11, 2, 6 [rep. 29]
Cabanis--'Huguenot Henri Cabanis, Families of in Antebellum Mississippi'36
Cadet Young [Jones]33
Caldwell, Rev. James [Ramey]11
Calmes 13
Calmes Family, The [Wood]35
Calmes, De La, Marquis Family [Hargrove]33
Calver, Jean (John Calvet)--Huguenot27
Capt. Jack Jouett, Jr.--A Commemorative Stamp [Brooks]23
Carcassone--From the French of Gustave Nadaud--poem25
Caruthers Family of Lexington, Rockbridge Co, VA & Jackson, Tn [Gardiner]18
Challenge to the Heirs of Freedom [Kincaid]11
Certificate of Incorporation for the Society 46
Chambon, The Story of36
Chastain 1
Chastain, James Garvin--Biography of [Lowrey]3
Chastain, John, Sr.--Will6 [rep. 29]
Chastain, Peter--Deed of Trust to Edward Scott6 [rep. 29]
Chastain--Facts or Fiction [Chastain]32
Chaumette, Huguenot Family of De la [Miller]32
Chaumette (Shumate), DEscendants of Jean de la42
Chenaults, The [Gardiner]18
Chibailhe 35
Churches in Virginia Huguenot History: Vauter's Church [Garrison]46
Churches in Virginia Huguenot History: Bethel Baptist Church [Hudson] 46
Churches in Virginia Huguenot History: St. James Chapel, Michaux, Virginia [Woodlief] 46
Churches in Virginia Huguenot History: Friendship Baptist Church, Nevada County, Arkansas [Peterson] 46
Churches in Virginia Huguenot History: Buckingham Baptist Church, Buckingham, Virginia [Thomson] 46
Clere, Francois16
Coats of Arms of Manakintowne [Manahan]19
Coats of Arms, Manakin Huguenot Families5
Collect and Set a Glowing: Five Centuries of Huguenot Writing [DuPriest]35
Colonial America, Huguenot Contributions to [Batty]43
Colonial, French and Indian Soldiers of Virginia Bearing French Huguenot Names[Sargeant]10 [rep. 38]
Commemoration of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes [Carter]32
Consequences of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes [Kline]28
Consequences of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes [Joutarde]36
Contribution of the French Huguenots to the Cultural Life of America [A. Dowell]10 [rep. 38]
Cosby--Genealogy 2
Couty, Norman Milner 8
Crockett--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Crockett Family in America24 [rep. 37]
Crockett, In memory of Huguenot Patriot, Andrew Crockett, "The Immigrant"41
Crocketts, The [Smothers]41
Curious List of Conspirators Against William of Orange from Essex Co, VA 25
Dabney--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Dabney, Cornelius [Elliott]23
D'Aubigne (Dabney)--Genealogy2
D'Aubigne 1
Daux-Witt: Orphans of Walter Daux of Charles City Co, VA [Bates]27
David [Fraser]32
David--Genealogy and Court Records5
David Family--Mrs. Trotter's Letter from Alice F. Shepard26 [rep. 41]
David, Ann--Will14
David, Peter26 [rep. 41]
David, Peter--Will14
de Coligny, Admiral Gaspart (1572-1972)25
De Jarnett [Elliott]20, 21
de Jarnette, Jean33; 40
DeJarnette Lineage [Newton]24 [rep. 37]
De La Muce1
De Richebourg4
De Richeburg, Count Claude-Phillippe24 [rep. 37]
de Rousseau, Theodore16
Debt of King William to the Hugenots [Foote]8
Deed to Huguenot Society of 196220
DeLiesseline, Marquis, and Gabrial Guigard14
Deloges, Michael 40
Depp--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Depp, William, Revolutionary War Soldier [Bare]23
Derieux 25
Des Meux--Dismukes [Parish]27
duPré--DeuPree Family [DeuPree]36
DeVanes and De Rossets Families12
Development, History of Huguenot Hymnody in France, Other Countries & America [Singleton]27
Dibrell, Members of the Family in Kentucky and Tennessee26 [rep. 41]
Drama of the Huguenots, The [Field]19
Dubois, Jacques and Rene Het, Biographical Sketches14
DuBreuils10 [rep. 38]
Dubril Family [Tate]23
Duke De Sully Maximilian De Bethun, Baron Rosny[Sully]10 [rep. 38]
DuPriests of New Kent, The [DuPriest]35
Dupuy--Genealogy and Records5, 6 [rep. 29], 40
DuPuy Family of East Tennessee [McCown]19
Dupuy, John James--Will6 [rep. 29]
Durand de Daupiné, a Huguenot Exile in Virginia [Sims]32
Dutoi 6 [rep. 29]
Dutoit, Pierre [Caruth]24 [rep. 37]
Duval, Mareen4, 14
Early Georgia Huguenots [Isbell]19
Early History: mary Latham Norton47
Early Huguenots of Virginia [Porter]11
Early Ministers of King William Parish [Greene]7 [rep. 30]
Early Tennessee Settlers, Some [Ford]26 [rep. 41]
Easley--Genealogy and Court Records5
Edict of Nantes and Its Meaning [Foote]8
Edict of Nantes and Its Revocation, The, 1992 Scholarship Essay [Coughlin]35
Edict of Nantes, The14
Eddins: Wills of John, Joseph Sr, Joseph Jr., Benjamin, William Sr.47
Eddins, Benjamin and Mary Ann Clampett Eddins [Steward]47
Edins-Edding--Wills7 [rep. 30]
Edins (Edding)--Wills of Descendants of 44
Eddins, William, Revolutionary War Pension Application 40
Effect of the Huguenot Movement on the Culture of France, The, 1979 Scholarship Essay [Piper]28
End of the Upright, 1992 Scholarship Essay [Schmidt]35
England: The Discreet Conquerors [Rudolph]36
Eno [Headlee]11
Etymological Ancestrol Roll, compiled from Manakin Huguenots National Roster 1967-1969 [Dismukes]23
Epperson--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Epperson, David--Will16
Establishing King Henry Parish by Statute8
Estell 10 [rep. 38]
Estill, Some of the Family [Mosby]38
Extracts of Frederick Co, VA14
Faison, Nathaniel Wright: Defender of the Republic of Texas [Brooks]39
Farmer, Thomas--Indenture with Peter Bondurant6 [rep. 29]
Faure--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Faure--An Interesting Story [Ford]37
Faure-Fore-Ford Genealogy8
Fife, Dr. Robert Herndon18
First Huguenots in Georgia, The [Johnson]27
First Protestant Prayer Said in America18
First Thanksgiving in America [Gibson]:,47 Flournoy"1, 5, 7 [rep. 30], 40
Flournoy, John Jacobus: Southern Visionary [Berry]27
Flournoy, Jacob 1663-1722 [Flournoy]32
Fontaine--Genealogy and Court Records5
(Fontaine) The First Huguenot [Maury]47
[Fontaine] 'My Names is Fount' [Smothers] 45
Fontaine, Rev. Francis14
Fontaines, The--Notes on Descendants of a Huguenot Family of Memphis, TN [Hughes]; Family23; 40"
Fontaine, More About James [McDougall; Minor]9
Ford, Foure- Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Ford, Peter--Will16
Ford-Faure Line20
Ford, Joseph, and his Wife, Mary Maxey [Johnson]14
Ford-McKnitt Massacre30
Fords, Tennesse of Huguenot Descent [Johnson]10 [rep. 38]
Fore30, 1
Fore, James to James and Mary Agee--Albemarle Co, VA Deed15
Fort Caroline: Earliest Huguenot Settlement in the US [Garner]36
Fouch/Fouché: Some Early Records of Virginia [Walker]32
Fourth Manakin Huguenot Church Building and Monument Placed on VA Landmarks [Loth, Carter]32
Foushee [Porter]11
France's Loss, America's Gain [Farrar]41
French Connection, The: The Huguenots & Various Spencer Families [Spencer]36
French Huguenot Church, The [Medard]16
French in the New World [Shepherd]45
French Protestant Refugees [Rine]11
French Protestants in King William Parish, List, 1714 [Perry]29
French Refugees at Manakin: Robert Beverly's Account8
French Refuges in Colonial America [Ramey]21
French, David Edwin8
Frenchmen's Petition [Gardiner]23
Friendship Baptist Church [Peterson]46
From the Persecution of the Huguenots in France [Richard]40
Fry--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Genealogical Index of The Huguenot28
Genealogical Research by H. A. Elliot--Families: LeGrand, L'Orange, Trabue, Gevauden, Micheaux24 [rep 37]
Georgia's Early Huguenots: Mauve, Lewis, Habersham, Elliott, De Saussure, De Macons, de Graffenreid, John Cooper, Abraham Gignilliat, Lamar (De Lamar), John Lanier, Garrard, Hardins (Hardouins), Sevier, Dozier, Le Grande, Le Fevre, Trezevant, Cabaniss, Rountree, Bryan, Parentes, Wiggins, Kent, Kennedy, Michaux, Vaughn, etc. [Isbell]18
Germany: Huguenots in Berlin [Topf]36
Gideon Macon Plaque25
Givaudan 24 [rep. 37]
Grady Garrett Manuscript Microfilmed29
Grantham--Genealogy and Court Recorts7 [30]
Great Houses of France in the Various Provinces25
Growth of the Church [Beckner]16
Guerrand/Guerrant2, 5, 7 [rep. 30]
Guerrant, Rev. Edward Owings, D.D., M.D.5
Guignard, Marquis de Liesseline and Gabriel, Biographical Sketches14
Halifax Co, VA20
Hardin/Harding13, 7 [rep 30]
Harris--Genealogy 2
Haskins, Ancestry of Robert [Trabue]35
Hatchett 11
Hennings Statutes, A Selection of42
Henry IV's Conversion and the Edict of Nantes, 1994 Scholarship Essay [Williams] 36
Historic Sites in Chesterfield County and Powhatan County, Virginia, June 2005 Tour41
Historical Chart of Manakin Society Presidents [Kent]29
History of Our Huguenot Forefathers: Grandmother's Manuscript 1878 [Watkins]22, 33
History of the Early Huguenots [Landrum]15
History of the Perrow Gavels [Perrow]9
Hite, Anna Maria Duboise [Porter]11
Holland: The 17th Century's Boat People [Stromberg]36
House of Orange and King William III, The --169525
How France Was Governed25
How Nicholas Lanier, a Huguenot & Musician for King Henry of France, Became Musician for Queen Elizabeth of England [West]39
Hubert, Benjamin13
Huguenot Ancestors, List of47
Huguenot Ancestors Never Before Approved: Richard Pemberton, Samuel Wever, Giles Allegree, Nicholas de Fontaine, Samuel Damaurnel, Solomon Bricou, Jean Maillard, Cyprian Prou, Jean Journy, David Masson, Nicholas Lafon [Williams]35
Huguenot Ancestry of the Brevards & Forneys of Lincoln County, NC [Thornton]14
Huguenot and Anglican Worship: A Brief Overview [DuPriest]35
Huguenot Assimilation in Colonial America [Wrenn]40
Huguenot Bed, The: Whereby a Huguenot Family comes to Louisiana [Sanders]33
Huguenot Beginnings: Exploring the Differences betwee Manakintowne and Oxford [Roebuck] 46
Huguenot Characteristics [Maynard]8
Huguenot Contributions to Colonial America [Batty]43
Huguenot Cotton Mill, The, Greenville, South Carolina [Garrison] 46
Huguenot Cross, The [Stuart]10 [rep. 38], 47 Huguenot Culture of the Sixteenth Century [Craig]"
Huguenot Deaths from Henrico & Goochland Co., Court Order Books, 1700-175029
Huguenot Descendants' Influence on Early Texas History [Williams]37
Huguenot Exodus: The 300th Anniversary [Zarjevski]38
Huguenot Family-Aydelott [Dickerson] 36
Huguenot Family of De la Chaumette [Miller]32
Huguenot Family, a [Soblet] [Sublett]29
Huguenot Graveyard in Florida Restored18
Huguenot Heritage [Newman]9
Huguenot Heritage Tour--1985 [Dubois]32
Huguenot History, A Bit of [Porter]11
Huguenot Identity, The, 1981 Scholarship Essay [Ebelein]29
Huguenot Influence in Colonial Virginia [Phipps]29
Huguenot Influence Upon Our National Life [Hager]16
Huguenot Legacy, A: France to Monocantown, 1980 Scholarship Essay [Burden]29
Huguenot Library Material at Hampden-Sidney College Library, Farmville, VA [Robertson]19
Huguenot Lovers, The--Millais' Huguenots9
Huguenot Memorial Museum, South Africa--Pictures23
Huguenot Musical Heritage, Our [Bacon]8
Huguenot Names Found in VA [Garrett] 22
Huguenot Notes from Cumberland Co, VA Court Records20
Huguenot Notes from Powhatan Co, VA Court Records20
Huguenot, The Origin of the Name44
Huguenot Pastors and Huguenot Blood in VA--Battaile, Fontai, The Orne, Foushee, Lanier, Latane, Poindexter, Therriatt, Towles, Trabue25
Huguenot Pattern, The [Manahan]24 [rep. 37]
Huguenot Quilt, The27
Huguenot Refugees and the English Industrial Revolution, 1991 Scholarship Award [Rasche]34
Huguenot Settlement at Manakin Town [Beverly]13
'Huguenot Settlement at Manakin, The Impact of Social and Economic Change', 1983 Scholarship Essay [Crewdson]30
Huguenot Settlement at Mankin Towne with List of Settlers [McIlwaine]6 [rep. 29]
Huguenot Settlement in America [Reason]13
Huguenot Society Library, The [Riggs]28
Huguenot Virtues, The [Thompson]14
Huguenot Wars, The: Were They Politically Inspired? [Crouse]23
Huguenot, What's A [Marshall]46
Huguenot, The: A Fortunate French Import [Carter]23
Huguenots, Invoking the Representation of the [Sizemore]47
Huguenots--Strangers Then, Strangers Now [DuPriest]35
Huguenots and Civil and Religious Liberty [Moose]9
Huguenots and Human Rights, The [Dabney] 12
Huguenots and the American Concept of Freedom, The [King]27
Huguenots and Vaudois: Carrying Their Histories to Virginia [Woodlief]45
Huguenots and the Waars of religion in Sixteenth Century France [Anderson]46
Huguenots at Fort Caroline [Bennett]28
Huguenots at Manakintowne25
Huguenots' Christmas, The [Gardiner]18
Huguenots--'History of the French Huguenots in Europe' [O'Connor]42
Huguenots in American History, 1964 Scholarship Essay [Lambert]21
Huguenots in England, The30
Huguenots of Colonial America, The: What Happened to Them?, 1993 Scholarship Essay [Sharits]35
Huguenots of Influence in the Colonial, Revolutionary, 1812 & 1860 Periods [Flournoy]13
Huguenots of Manakin in Virginia, The [Mathews]29
Huguenots of the Purple Twilight25
Huguenots of Virginia, The [McBath]10 [rep. 38]
Huguenots Removed: New Paltz, New York, The, 1982 Scholarship Essay [Gordineer]30
Huguenots Under the Southern Cross [Omohundro]23
Huguenots--'Where the Huguenots Settled'44
Huguenots, 'Scotch Irish' and the [Smothers]45
Huguenots, The [Fauntleroy]9
Huguenots, The [Turner]13
Huguenots, The [Trotter]29
Huguenots, The [Mosby]32
Huguenots, The--A Selected Bibliography [Bockstruck]29
Huguenot Treasures [Woodlief]45
Huguenots: A Selected Bibliography [Kirksey] 28
Hymns of the Huguenots [Marshall]47
Hymnology [Carlyle]47
Illinois Regiment, The [Burgess]3
Immigré Huguenot Silver in the British Museum29
In Front of the Galley Stele33
Index to Genealogies--The Huguenot Publications [Rogertson]19
Influence and Contributions of Huguenots in Kentucky, The [Taylor]15
Influence of the Huguenots on American Hymnology2
Influence of the Huguenots, the [Patton]10 [rep. 38]
Janvier3, 2
Jaquelin, Edward42
Jean Pierre Bondurant--Huguenot Immigrant Manakintowne, VA, 1995 Scholarship Essay [Waggoner]36
Jefferson, Thomas, The Huguenot World of Young [Woodlief]45
Jeter Family, The16
John Witt Family comes to Texas [Moore]32
John Witt/Whitt of Charles City Co, VA & Four of His Sons [Whitt]32
Jones Family and Their French Huguenots Ancestry, The [Thornton]10 [rep. 38]
Joseph Ford and his Wife, Mary Maxey [Johnson]14
Jouett, Capt. Jack, Jr.: American Revolutionary War Hero [Manahan]25
Jouett, Matthew10 [rep. 38]
Jouett, Some History and Genealogy of the Family [Moore]32
Jouett, The Ride of Jack [Manahan]18
Kavanaugh10 [rep. 38]
Kentucky Shrine, A [Keith]18
King William Parish--church and Community in Manakin Town [Tate]32
Known or Asserted European Origins of Manakin Settlers25
La Caroline [Kerstetter]40
La Fitte [Porter]11
Lacy 4, 11
LaFleur, Pierre, Soldier3
LaForce (Forse)--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Lambert, David--Book Review, 'The Protestant Internetional and the Huguenot Migration to Virginia' [Cason]42
Lanier 14
Latane, Burial of8
Latane, Rev. Louis [Seargeant]10 [rep. 38]
LeFevre-Bryant--Genealogy, Wills & Court Records6 [rep. 29]
Lefevre 1, 2
Lefevre, Madeleine--Will [Eggleston]3
LeGrand, John [Elliott]21
LeGrand, Pierre--Correction [Norman]29
LeGrant, Pierre [Thornhill]20
Lest We Forget [Smylie]25
Le Sueur3
Let Promotion Outdo Description: South Carolina, Promotional Pamphlets, 1993 Scholarship Essay[Van Ruymbeke]35
Letter from Andrew Jackson to Capt. Wm. Russell22
Letter to Great Grandfather Bartholomew Dupuy26 [rep. 41]
Letter Written During the Civil War [Odom]16
LeVilian--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Lilly Family, The22
Line of Descent (Witt-Tooley-Winn) [Agee]15
Lineages, List of Approved42
List of Benjamin de Joux, Minister, 1 Dec. 1700 [Elliott]29
Long and Historic Connection Between Hampden-Sydney College and the Huguenots [Short]25
Lorange-Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
L'Orange, Weaver--Deeds & Land Grants6 [rep. 29]
Lord's Prayer Version of My Youth and Maybe the Manakins Too [Gibson]45
Louys-Louis-Lewis [Croley]19
Luttrell, William--Will6 [rep. 29]
Macon6 [rep. 29], 10 [rep. 38]
Macon Family, The [Wolford]22
Macon, Gideon--Virginia Huguenot [Barr]39
Man in the Mask, The...A Mystery [Peterson]36
Manakin and Old Geneva [Flournoy]8
Manakin Church, A Brief History33
Manakin Huguenots: Journey to Freedom [Sowa]35
Manakin Settlement, The [Foote]8
Manakintown, Virginia, The Settlement at [Jones] 46
Manakin Town: Description by Franz Louis Michel, 170247
Manakintown, The Original Land Grant of 10,000 acres to the Huguenots at Manakintown, 170447
Manakin Settlers and the Established Church, The [Brydon]8
Manakin Church [Bradshaw]13
Manakintown, Virginia, 1700-1750--'Destined for Obscurity: An Examination of the Brief History and Assimilation of the Huguenot Settlement' [Meyer]43
Map of the Society's Land in Powhatan County, Virginia47
Marquis de La Calmes Family [Hargrove]33
Marriages of Capt. Nicholas Martiau [Smith]23
Marriages of the Kings of France and Territories They Acquired25
Marriages Performed 1786-1793, by the Rev. Chastain, Buckingham Co, VA [Allen] 35
Marshall 14
Martain (Martin)--Genealogy and Court Records5
Martiau, Nicolas [Calloway]10 [rep. 38]
Martiau, Nicolas--History and Burial of [Pruden]12
Martiau, Nicolas--Huguenot [Crouse]27
Martiau, Nicolas Plaque25
Martin, John--Will, 173623
Martin's Station30
Marye, Lineages from Rev. James16
Maupin1, 36
Maupin--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Maupin Family, The [Heizer]45
Maupin, John--Will, 1806 [Wilson]23
Maury Family in Virginia and Tennessee and Memphis, Tennessee, The [Tucker]43
Maury, James--'The School of James Maury and the Idea of America'42
Maury's School--'La Republique de Vertu' [Smothers]45
Maury, Matthew Fontaine16
Maury, Matthew Fontaine: A New Look at the 'Pathfinder of the Seas' [Walker]45
Maury, Matthew24 [rep. 37]
Maury, Matthew Fontaine, Oceans Away [Logan]45
Maury-Fontaine 13
Maxey--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30], 6 [rep 29]
Maxey and Sampson Records of Virginia16
Maxey, Edward--Will6 [rep. 29]
Maxey, John--Will6 [rep. 29]
Maxey, Josiah--Will15
Maxey, Mary--Will6 [rep. 29]
Maxey, Nathaniel--Will6 [rep. 29]
Maxey, Susannah--Will6 [rep. 29]
Maxey, William--Will6 [rep. 29]
Mereaux, The42
Mershon [Acrcuman]19
Michaeaux, Susanne Rochette--Will6 [rep. 29]
Michaux, Capt. Joseph3
Micheaus, Abraham--Will; the Michaux Bible6 [rep. 29]; 40
Micheaux--Genealogy, Wills & Court Records6 [rep. 29]
Micheaux, Wills of Suzanne Micheaux and William Micheaux47
Michou, Dr. Paul, Huguenot Exile [Carlton]; James Micou23; 40
Micou--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Micou, Maury, and Fontaine--Union of Three Huguenot Families [Koostra]37
Midnight Ride of Captain Who? [Morris]34
Migration of the Huguenots: The Chauses and Effects, Scholarship Essay [Burke] 39
Migration Patterns of Huguenot Refugees to Other Countries in the 16th & 17th Centuries[DeuPree]37
Migrations Into and Out of Virginia [Knott] 46
Mislaid Ancient Bible Recovered by College18
Mitchell--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
More About James Fontaine [McDougall, Minor]9
Morrisette and Faure [Parish]27
Moseley--Genealogy and Court Records7 [rep. 30]
Moulin Genealogy8
Mullen (Des Moulins-Du Moulin) [Waits]27
Muse, John Sr. (Meux, Mewes, & Mewce) [McRoy]28
Music Influenced by Huguenots [McLendon]22, 33
Myers, Private Albert A, 1890-1918 [Garrison]46
Naturalization and Denization42
Naturalization of French Huguenots and Others, 1705--an Act [Hamlin]23
Naturalization of the French Refugees--Laws of Virginia25
Nicholas Martiau Plaque25
Nichols-Mullins-Pabodie 14
Noel 27
North Carolina's Own Huguenot Families [Thornton]12
O'Hart, Irish Pedigrees, Vol II20
Old Huguenot Record, The--From an Alabama Newspaper publ. 191519
Old Petersburg [Georgia]27
Old Provinces of France25
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