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Protestant Museums in France*

Le Musée Virtuel du Protestantisme Français

This site, based in Paris and created in 2003, presents numerous resources of references, images, and bibliography, as well as descriptions of other Protestant museums in France. It has a limited English version (soon to be expanded). Note: all of the Huguenot-related museums in France are listed (still in French) in the category of Themes | Le protestantisme en régions - Musées protestants et sociétés d'histoire

Le Musée du Désert

In the home of Camisard leader Pierre LaPorte, this museum in Mas Soubeyran, a small village east of Alès in the Cévannes, has numerous exhibits, books, and papers, focusing particularly on the time of the Desert, from 1685 to 1787. The website offers numerous resources and Huguenot items.

Le Musée des Vallées Cévenoles du Saint-Jean-du-Gard

A museum in the national park of the Cevannes dedicated to the history of the area in which so many Huguenots lived.

Le Temple De Lemé

This museum in northern France was founded in 1989 to restore, save, and celebrate the Protestant Temple built in 1859 in the town of Lemé. It represents the history of Protestantism in the area after 1802 and the restoration of the religion.

Le Musée de John Calvin

This museum, located in the location of the birthplace of John Calvin, celebrates his life. It is located in Noyon, France.

Le Musée de La France Protestante De L'Ouest

This museum is in a chateau once belonging to a rich protestant family in Le Bois-Tirrais in Chantonnay in western France. Two rooms trace four centuries of Protestant history in the region, particularly in La Rochelle. An audiovisual show is also presented. The site is in French.

La Maison Du Protestantisme Poitevin

This museum, founded in 1987, is located in a house and a temple in La Courde, and focuses on the history of Protestantism in the Poitiers region, and includes an audiovisual presentation. This site is in French.

Le Musée Protestant de la Grange de Wassy

This museum is in a temple on the exact spot of the massacre of 1562 in Wassy.It has many important objects and an audiovisual presentation in four languages. The site is in French.

Le Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois Le Poët-Laval

Near Lyon in the medieval town of Poët-Laval east of Montélimar, this museum and 17th century temple present the history of Protestantism in Dauphiné from the 15th century to the present. This area had 95 churches in 370 localities under the Edict of Nantes, and numerous persecutions and imprisonments after the Revocation.

Le Musée du Protestantisme du Haut-Languedoc, Maison du luthier

This museum in the mountains of the Tarn river region has exhibits and an extensive library. It also has genealogical resources on Huguenots of the Tarn towns (Mazamet, Castres, Albi) and the Lacaune and Lauragais mountains.

Le Musée du Jeanne D'Albret

Béarn, under Jeanne d'Albret in the 16th century, chose Calvinism as its official religion. Her home in Orthez was opened in 1995 as a museum, with two stories devoted to Protestant history.

Franzosischer Dom (French Cathedral)

Not in France but Berlin with huge cathedral dom added. But inside it is more typical of Huguenot churches, with a Huguenot museum.

Other Huguenot locations:

A French language immersion course which focuses on Huguenot History near La Rochelle []

*Information from "Les Musées du Protestantisme en France" published by the Centre Protestant d'Études et de Documentation.