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Our major genealogical and record study, Priscilla Cabell's Turff & Twigg, with its valuable map of the Huguenot patents. $30 (was $98). To order, send a $30 check addressed to Priscilla Cabell and another for $15 for mailing costs addressed to HSFMCV.

Vestry Book of King William Parish, VA, 1707-1750. 1988. Hardbound book, 280 pages. minimum $15 donation.

Pierre LeGrand in Virginia, 1700. A thorough documented genealogical study of the descendants of Pierre LeGrand by Louis Everett LeGrand, 1995. Hardbound, 360 pages. minimum $25 donation.

Branches from the Flournoy Family Tree. Compiled by Wayne Spiller. Pioneer Book Publishers, 1976. Hardbound. minimum $30 donation.

Louise Moillon: Seventeenth Century Still-Life Artist. Helen Chastain Sowa. Hardbound with Photographs. minimum $30 donation.

Les Guerin: A Story of Religious Persecution. William G. Leech. Paperbound. Historical Fiction. minimum $5 donation.

Huguenots at Williamsburg. minimum $10 donation.

We also have all of the existing issues of The Huguenot. See the on-line Index . Prices include shipping. If a specific article is needed, it can be copied and mailed for a donation of $.25/page plus mailing costs (generally $1.25) This includes articles from missing issues.

  • Vol. 1-5: $5 each
  • Vol. 8: $10
  • Vol. 9: $5[also included in 38]
  • Vol 11: $8
  • Vol. 12, 13: $10 each
  • Vol, 14, 15, 16: $5 each
  • Vol. 19, 21, 22, 23: $6 each
  • Vol. 24: [included in 37]
  • Vol. 25: $9
  • Vol. 26 [included in 41]
  • Vol. 27, 29: $7 each
  • Vol. 32: $14
  • Vol. 33, 34, 35: $15 each
  • Vol. 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 45: $18 each
  • Vol. 42, 46, 47: $20 each


Huguenot Cross

Huguenot Cross: in blue and gold cloissoné, pendant or lapel pin for $10 donation, necklace with 18" gold filled chain for $20 donation. Cross is one square inch, plus dove.

We have the Huguenot méreau available in pewter or brass finish for $10 donation, with a top loop for a meaningful necklace or watchfob.

Huguenot méreau Huguenot méreau

The méreau (plural méreaux) is a circular token which the Huguenots used in France from the 1550's to the mid 19th century. During holy communion an elder would give, before the service, a méreau to each parishioner who qualified to receive the sacrament. The others, who did not attend catechism regularly or had been admonished by the consistory, would not receive a méreau. During the service each individual would hand his méreau to an elder standing next to the communion table before receiving bread and wine.

On this méreau Christ is depicted as a shepherd, with a staff in His left hand, holding a trumpet in His right hand. Two fig trees, one on either side of Christ, with a cross and banner are also shown. A flock of sheep, symbolising His followers, is shown at His feet.

The back side shows an open bible, which is opened at St. Luke chapter 12, verse 32, saying in French: "Have no fear little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Above the Bible is a symbolic shining sun and six stars.

To order, address your check to HSFMCV (we do not presently take Paypal or credit card payments) and mark as a donation, as we are a non-profit organization. Send to:

  • Library
  • The Huguenot Society of Manakin
  • 981 Huguenot Trail
  • Midlothian VA 23113-9224

Bronze grave marker

Bronze grave marker with the insignia of the society:

We no longer have markers for sale. They are now being made by Classic Bronze Resources. This is for members only, so you must give your membership number when you order.

Other Huguenot jewelry and ornaments:
Ornament from our Oklahoma Branch
Other Huguenot Jewelry, handcrafted by Chuck Norton